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As women we juggle so much, and we tend to put everyone else’s needs before our own. Over time, this can affect our overall wellbeing including our diet, sleep, energy levels, motivation, anxiety and so much more.

As a wellness coach, massage therapist and facial specialist, I have combined my skills to create my spa wellbeing experiences, using breathing and visualisation to calm your mind and treatments which will ease away tension and restore balance.

I also offer my Spa Wellbeing Journeys, for women who would like that extra support to reduce anxiety, increase energy levels or adapt to hormonal changes.

As a wellness coach, massage therapist and facial specialist, I create my spa wellbeing experiences
“Time out allows us the chance to RESET, REALIGN and RESTORE. It is the most important gift we can give ourselves”
Jayne hardy

Calm and Restore Experience

Enveloped in a warm blanket, you will relax using guided breathing to calm your mind and body. I will then cleanse your skin and gently buff to brighten, followed by a facial massage to ease away tension.
To enhance your relaxation, I will use rose palm stones to massage your shoulders, neck and scalp creating a feeling of deep calm.
While you blissfully relax, I will relieve muscle tension in your lower legs and feet. Have time to ease yourself back into the room with a luxury hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.  

1 hr 30


Float away the years’ Experience

A body brush and body polish will gently remove dryness from your back and begin to break down toxins. A carefully chosen warm aromatherapy blend and massage, will help to ease away tension in you lower back, shoulders and arms as you drift into relaxation.
After gently cleansing and exfoliating the skin, a lifting and firming mask will tighten the facial contours and neck area and help to smooth away fine lines.
Relax whilst tension is eased away in your shoulders and scalp. Rose Palm stones and special lifting techniques are used to massage the face, eliminating toxins, and giving your skin an instant lift.
Enjoy a luxury hot chocolate, tea, or coffee before you leave the treatment room.

1 hr 45


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